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Great West LLC is located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. It was founded in 1980. The majority of the sales team is based in CO along with the logistics and accounting teams. 


Great West Pet Food Holdings is the parent company to York Cold Storage, Falls City Foods, and Great West Kansas. 

Nebraska, Great West LLC

Falls City Foods was founded in 2017. FCF is currently managed by Dusty Olberding. They process around 20 million pounds of raw product (beef, pork, and chicken) for the pet food industry every year and have a 1.5 million pound freezer storage capacity.

Kansas, Great West LLC
Colorado, Great West LLC

York Cold Storage started in the 1950's and was acquired by Great West in 2008. The plant's capacities have grown a lot since being acquired. YCS is managed by Matt Spanjers. They process approximately 62 million pounds of raw meat (beef, pork, and poultry) for the pet food industry every year. This processing include plate freezing, deboxing, emulsifing, lima, and the production line YCS has approximately 10-12 million pounds in cold storage on any given day. 


Nebraska, Great West LLC

Great West Kansas was founded in 2020. The plant manager is Mark McClure. GWK is also processing raw product (beef, pork, and poultry) for pet food. They process approximately XXX pounds every year and have XXX pounds of cold storage. 

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